what we do

concept development

business planning & pitch deck creation

visual identity development


comprehensive branding & aesthetic work

logo design

website design & development

menu design & development

first time business owner boot-camp

expansion planning & growth services


general advisory & advocacy



who we work with

first time restaurateurs

existing restaurant operations

owner / operators


bars / nightclubs

small hospitality businesses 

large hospitality businesses

bodegas / food stalls / street vendors


real estate developers / mxds

wholesale f&b products / retail brands

ghost kitchens / commissaries

caterers / events

government programs / grants

where we work

based in nyc. work anywhere you are.




Now you have an idea - you've decided you want to have a hospitality business, a restaurant, a new brand, a  logo, an exciting menu, an eye catching marketing campaign, or something that hasn't ever been done before!


That drive, that thought in your head that drove you on our site, the reason you have booked a call - is an idea.


An idea is not a concept (yet)


Our core competency - our distinguishing characteristic and the reason why you should work with us: we turn ideas into concepts.


Ask yourself: What are my goals? What am I trying to achieve with this business? What is my service style - Is this fine dining? fast casual? counter service?  a new service style? What is the average check?  Can I make this work with a 40% labor cost? 45%? 50?! What does the menu look like? What type of food are you serving?  Am I representing this cuisine accurately and with respect? What color are the walls? How do I make my business different, stand out? Do we have artwork? a mural? signage? Do I have a social mission? Am I making an impact? What is my concept?

Answering these (and many many more) questions is our expertise - we are expert in creating harmony, of making sure that all your answers, that all of the conceptual attributes, flow together to form one cohesive story that represents you, your business, and your brand.

The first step - in any process - is an idea. Your idea is the starting point, the moment where you decide that you have that something special - that secret sauce. We are experts in helping you take that idea and turn it into a concept, a business, a brand, and a path towards financial success.

This is the brainstorm - our discovery process. Your ideas will always be respected and we will work with you to determine the core of your concept - to fully form your ideas and take them to the next level.

No matter what the service you select  developing your concept is key to our model.


Whether it is a launch of a new logo or the opening of a brand new restaurant concept, everything we do starts with an idea, gets formed into a concept, and then launches with a clear plan, outlined expectations, and a mutual understanding of the who, what, when, where, why, and how.


That launch is the deliverable - the final part of your story. We will work with you to make sure that from the moment you dream it up to the day that you launch, that your idea - your concept - is handled with care, treated with respect, and built on a strong foundation to set you up for lasting success.